My Mama, dear 

94 rolled quietly into 96.  You struggle with your days, your moments.  Grasping on to figure out what the words mean. And time, that mean old thing, continues to haunt you mercifully. Just know in your heart, that this is the hardest thing you have ever done, however, the next steps will be pure joy and love.  I wish you could embrace the inevitable.  Do I want you to die, no! I want you to live forever, but I know better.  I pray for you, I intend for you a swift final journey, one that encompasses the love you so deserve my dear Mama.  I love you.💞✨


A Bit More Life, please..

Move over to the end of the line.  Unless you want to fit in with the normal, day to day way of life, please get out of the way.  This is what I see and feel in the air every day.  It makes me feel a little bit sad to think that people think they are better than others, when in fact, they live with the same feelings as the next person.  Move over please, I would like to pass on by.  Life awaits us all, so please either get on board or move the hell over so that I may enjoy the journey ahead.

Dear God, please help me when I am 94

Mom, you are 94 years old.  You don’t move so well, you don’t hear so well, you are tired.  Please tell me what I can do, please let me help you as you helped me all those years ago when I was a little girl.  You held my hand, now let me hold yours.  I will you know, I will hold your hand with pride and love.  Please don’t push me away, is all I ask.  Take my hand and walk with me, in the name of love.  

On this day, my emotions are fragile!

I don’t know about you, but I am finding a wave of emotions, somewhat like a thick fog, immersing my life.  I am waiting for it to lift and the clarity that my heart so craves to settle once again. It not only seems to be affecting me, but everyone around me as well seems to be showing discomfort and are dis-ease.  It makes me sad, which is an easy feat to accomplish and one that I work hard to overcome.  So please universe, make that move that shifts the world to a sunnier, happier place. 


Today..where is that?

Today..where is that? ..and how much does it cost?

This is Black Friday…why do we fall in step with the Americans? Is the mighty dollar so entwined into our lives that we put it before everything else? Anything for a buck…how can I teach values to my children when this flies into our home? Or is it a case of not to live your life perspective.

How did I get here?


One might say, those teens are like misfit aliens that don’t understand a word you say. And that they wish you would stop telling them what to do. Blah, blah, blah. WELL…as a mom I have to believe it is my job to pursue these aliens in the name of the greater good….to ensure that mankind is taken care of and that these young aliens are safe walking amongst us! Am I right..or am I right?